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All-round software developer

Does it appeal to you to join a unique company and grow together, and are you looking for a company where you can make a difference by being yourself, then it's certainly interesting to continue reading.

Our ambition: we want to become market leader in our niche market, and that is a tough challenge. We want to achieve this with the greatest fun factor that you can imagine. A continuous process, of which software development is a core activity, in which teamwork plays a major role, and where personal aspects and enjoyment at (and during) work are just as important.

We make it our mission to stimulate and challenge the potential in each individual so that it serves as input for the team. We know that teams perform best when they are diverse. You do not have to be Twents (or Dutch, for that matter) to work at BlueBear, it is the combination of unique qualities and contributions of all blue bears that determines our success. We are committed to each other, the organization and the work we do.

What we do

BlueBear primarily develops web based software that contributes to working safely. Over the years we have specialized in delivery and provision of in-house developed SaaS applications in this safety market.

We provide our services to exceptional customers and we manage in good cooperation to combine expertises to realize special projects both locally and abroad. With the way we work, we deliver high quality services and are very accessible and particularly efficient as organization. With our services we generate a modest revolution in this niche market that is characterized by an often conventional approach. We currently have the advantage, which we do not only want to keep, but want to increase as well.

We believe that the collection of unique contributions from everyone at BlueBear is the driving force behind our success. No matter where you’re from, what you believe or how you feel, when you work in our team, you too will become a part of BlueBear.

How you would fit

You will become part of the technical heart of the organization, where you’ll meet experienced colleagues. The main issue is the development of web based software, which amounts to (further) development of our own platform and applications built on top of it, of which the back end is mostly centered around PHP, and the front end around JavaScript, HTML and CSS, but in which all web related techniques are important.

Besides this, other technical aspects will also be covered, in which you will cooperate or be able to further develop yourself. Think of things like software design (both in directly technical sense and in the user experience sense) and innovations within software development itself (such as API techniques, UI libraries and other relevant programming languages), but also things like systems administration (we manage and administer our own physical servers) and DevOps (including CI, server provisioning and software deployment).

Where and how you start depends on your level when you join us. Where you grow to within BlueBear, depends on how quickly you pick up different aspects and in which areas you invest yourself. To us it’s important that the technologies we use evolve with the state of the technique, the organization and the employees.


Did this introduction get you thinking or has it piqued your interest? Do you want to know whether you fit with us and vice versa? We would love to hear from you, preferably with CV and (short or not so short) motivation for your application, via

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