Web-based automation solutions on BlueBear's platform: cases

On our own BlueBear platform, developed to offer "Software as a Service" of "SaaS", it's possible to develop a large diversity of web based automation solutions for a large variety of clients.

You can think of:

  • CRM software for customer relations management
  • ERP solutions, applications to support company processes
  • Custom solutions for specific, complex company processes that require such solutions.

With our platform as foundation, we develop both front-end (apps, webapps, responsive websites, responsive webshops) and back-end solutions, or even combinations. Whichever solution you desire, we offer affordable options. We do this for small and large organisations.

Unilever, Valspar, CoachCtrl, Sola, CS Kochsysteme. A small set of clients from our portfolio for which we develop automation solutions, apps and software. Valspar, a coatings and paints multinational, was looking for a solution for a number of riskful and time consuming processes. Together with them, we develop web based custom software that's in use globally in their offices. A similar thing we do for Unilever. We develop for and with them web based custom software to support riskful and time consuming processes, like permit to work system. Our software is used in multiple countries in multiple Unilever plants and offices.

Are you looking for a custom online solution to support your company's processes in a user friendly way, unburdening your employees of unnecessary tasks? Consider contacting us.