Apps and webapps: cases

When there are demanding requirements for specific functionalities, or when the requirements can not be supported through a mobile website, it's a good solution to develope so-called webapp or native app. Native apps are applications specifically developed for a specific mobile platform, and can therefore be rather expensive to develope (think: Android for smartphones and/or tablets, or iOS for the iPhone and iPad). Webapps could be a cheaper alternative, that works on multiple (mobile or otherwise) platforms.

An app has to have a clear added value for the user. We think along about how to organise the app, and about how to find your app between the thousands of available apps.

BlueBear developed a revolutionary app for the safety industry. The app is called WPS (work permit system). The app can be used on all kinds of devices (cross platform). The cross platform approach is important, because the app is used both in the field (on a smartphone) and on a desktop PC. For more information see the WPS website.